Social Innovation

Fondazione Triulza promotes Social Innovation to test and develop social innovation strategies and practices within MIND – Milano Innovation District – with an international gaze and a multisectoral approach in line with the ESG and the 17 goals of the United Nations.

In close collaboration with the partners and the stakeholders of the MIND ecosystem and together with its network of founders, Fondazione Triulza seeks to contribute to the rise of the new social economy fostered by the European Action Plan, for an innovative and inclusive industrial policy, able to generate economic and social value.

To achieve this goal, the Fondazione works on three strategic axes:

CAPACITY BUILDING AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER to develop innovative impact companies and social tech innovation projects, targeting cooperatives, social entreprises, social startups and innovative startups;

YOUTH ENGAGEMENT to promote social innovation and impactful technologies among younger generations through orientation and co-planning activities;

EDUCATION&TRAINING AND NETWORKING  to enhance the contamination between knowledge, local actors and innovative planning, the debate and discussion about impact measurement and about the activation of targeted financial tools.

Main tools and activities promoted by Fondazione Triulza in this area:

Social Innovation Academy in MIND (since 2018), a place for discussion, training, co-planning and experimentation, with a strong international focus, dedicated to set up new sustainable development models and partnerships between profit and no profit, public and private, with the involvement of: Third Sector, Civil Economy, University and Research, Public Institutions, Finance, Technology Companies and all MIND stakeholders. 

Social Innovation Campus (from 2019), an annual event involving international accounts?, promoting moments and opportunities of contamination and co-design between generations and different worlds  to ask young people to propose new impactful innovative solutions to experiment in MIND in the framework of the 2030 Agenda. 

Social Tech Module (from 2020), a path of capacity building, enhancement and technology transfer for cooperatives and innovative start-ups with technological projects of high social and environmental impact.

Europe (since 2017), services and activities to support the internationalization and social innovation of the Third Sector through access to European networks and funding.

Read also: Ecosystem and Scientific Committee.

Creating moments of confrontation between very different people and realities is an innovative and fundamental approach to bring the social and environmental impact to the center of the MIND development project, and this is the duty of thevorganised civil society. We are sure that we have taken the right path, because plurality and unanimity ensure the sharing of new development models aimed at building a more equitable, right and sustainable world.

Massimo Minelli, President of Fondazione Triulza.
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