Social Innovation Campus

The Social Innovation Campus is the first Italian Campus on Social Innovation, launched in 2019 by the Social Innovation Academy of Fondazione Triulza in MIND in order to involve new generations in the design of a sustainable future, meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, through impact technologies and the dialogue with differente worlds. 

The Campus is an annual event culminating in a 2-days of international talks, workshops, hackathons, labs, lectios and contests. MIND is the concrete context where it is possible to imagine and experiment innovative solutions for the Cities of the Future, mixing knowledges and worlds.

  • High school and university students with dedicated paths;
  • New generations of Cooperators and social entrepreneurs;
  • Third Sector Organizations and Philanthropic Bodies;
  • Universities and Research Centers;
  • Local Authorities and Public Administrations;
  • Finance;
  • Companies and Startups.


The fifth edition will take place on 28-29 February 2024, with the theme SKILLS 4 SOCIAL INNOVATION. Updates soon in the official site of the Campus

  • 1st Edition 2020 “Shared City _from game to reality”. New scenarios and technologies useful for collaboration, co-planning and the creation of innovative solutions to create welcoming, sustainable and efficient cities for all. The place is MIND, the paradigm of the cities of the future.
  • 2nd Edition 2021 “Social Tech: the reaction to be born again”. After the new and hard economic and social scenario caused by the pandemic and the need to put together all the best innovations and energies to react. 
  • 3rd Edition 2022 “Social Tech for the Communities of the Future”. The theme focuses on how the birth and development of companies, cooperatives and “social tech” start-ups can be the basis for the revitalization of communities and territories, after the pandemic, and for the development of new innovation ecosystems, like MIND, which are sustainable, supportive and durable. 
  • 4th Edition 2023 “Transition4All: towards a sustainable future”. The environmental and energy transition, a key concept of the main European and national policies of recent years, can no longer be postponed; however, it will only be effective if combined with the right social and economic policies, so that “no one is left behind” and people will be able to develop the skills needed to face the challenges of the future.


We are organizing the program of the 5th Edition, which will take place on 28 and 29 February 2024. Discover more:


All non-profit and profit organizations sharing the mission and objectives of the Social Innovation Campus can become partners of the initiative and make a contribution to the development of the cultural program.

For further information contact:

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