The ecosystem in which Fondazione Triulza operates is made of a rich network of stakeholders active in various sectors who share the need and the will to create an economy with a social impact for the entrepreneurial system, which is increasingly attentive to sustainable development values/paradigms:

Network of founders of Fondazione Triulza, including the main local, regional and national third sector and civil economy companies and important NGOs. LINK

MIND innovation ecosystem – Milano Innovation District. Fondazione Triulza is a member of the MIND Strategic Committee, as part of the original core of the MIND Ecosystem with the life sciences research center Human Technopole, the health center IRCCS Galeazzi – San Donato Group, the University of Milan, Arexpo (public company owning the area) and Lendlease, the urban developer working on the site. A rapidly growing ecosystem that is already witnessing the settlement and participation in MIND of multinational companies and innovative SMEs, startups, incubators and training centers with whom Fondazione Triulza is already working.

Social Innovation Academy Scientific Committee. Fondazione Triulza promoted in February 2019 the creation of a Scientific Committee of the Social Innovation Academy to develop shared social innovation strategies and practices within the MIND location, with an international focus and a multi-sectoral approach: economic, technological and social. Chaired by Professor Mario Calderini (Polytechnic of Milan / Tiresia), the Committee works together with Universities, Civil Society, Public Institutions, Companies and all the stakeholders of the MIND project.

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